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Sweet & Caring

A free, fun and easy to use mobile application that helps Indonesia women better manage their well-being and lifestyle by providing handy tools, useful information, and resourceful community.

Scientific & Trusted

The #1 Android application for Indonesian women, offering female cycle management, and expert’s advice (nutritionist, doctor, and etc.) on health, beauty, relationship, style and other women related topics.

Connect & Empower

Where women can tell their stories, ask questions and discuss more about who they are on a female only platform ‘Sosialita’ - they can view, share and bond with other “sisters” without boundaries.

Hawa aims to raise awareness about well-being improvements and lifestyle management, and become the ultimate bestie of every Indonesian women.

Cute, Simple & Impactful
To inspire, empower and help every Indonesian woman become more beautiful, head-to-toe, inside-out.
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